Be the CEO of your ideal life!!!


Be the CEO of your ideal life!!!

What do a strong CEO and vibrant organzation have in common?

They know who they are. They have a strong set of guidelines and values they follow. They have a solid plan in place and a clear path to achieve it.  AND they have lots of help and support to make that happen.

Organizations and companies all have mission statements and strategic plans.  It is how they tell their story and how they behave in the world and marketplace. It is how they grow and provide the world with their service.  Why don’t we do the same for ourselves?


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Do you Want to improve employee engagement, productivity and innovation in your organization?

Did you know that a recent Gallup poll states that internationally employee engagement is only at 17%?  This is shocking, leading to high rates of stress induced illness, high turnover, excessive absenteeism and more accidents. This creates reduced productivity, profitability and job growth. Why do we stand for this?  That same study concludes that building a constituency of engaged employees is the key to reducing the above problems.  This is done by tapping into each person's potential while recognizing that they each bring a unique set of beliefs, life and work experiences and goals to the organization.

Consider providing your staff with a personal development tool that will not only guanuntee a stronger cohesive team but will also let your employees know you care about what matters to them most and their personal lives.  When each of us is our living our authentic lives individually and we can tie it into our work place with those that we work with there is no better synergy.  A workplace where people matter guaruntees  productivity and growth skyrocket.






Hi! I’m Kim Harty and I’ve created My Purpose Driven Life Plan! After many years of developing purpose driven mission statements, writing and living strategic plans and annually analyzing all aspects of my life and the organizations I oversaw, I’ve created an outstanding tool for living a life that brings me joy,  living my purpose.  You can have that too!  It’s not a quick fix, it’s a successful process that ensures a purpose driven life, progress, and happiness both in your work and personal life.   My Purpose Driven Life Plan is based on the best practices in business and personal development.

I have a deep held belief that we each are meant to contribute in our God given way and that when we follow that purpose, leading from within, we are successful and have a positive impact on those around us.  

For those of you who are interested in professional credentials:

I have 25+ years experience as a director at YMCAs and an art center.
I have a  Masters in Human Services Administration and a B.S. Business Administration/Marketing.
I am an Advanced Certified Holistic Life Coach, Hay House author Alan Cohen
I am a certified Inside-First facilitator, Vail Leadership Institute
I am an Organizational Leader, YMCA of the USA


Kim Harty is a bright, experienced, caring, and visionary coach. Her significant business experience and her mastery of holistic principles puts her in the perfect position to help individuals wishing to succeed in their profession while creating a sane, balanced, and rewarding personal life. Go see her to pull your work and heart together. She can accelerate you getting where you want to go!
— Alan Cohen, best selling Hay House author


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Mission Statement

MISSION:  Guiding professionals and their teams to lead purpose driven balanced lives, growing themselves and their organizations.

VISION:  A world where workplace environments thrive with employees living their purpose driven lives, supporting co-workers to do the same thusincreasing productivity, engagement and flourishing with love and growth.